The Arctic – a timeless land. A boundless territory, far from civilization. Here, nature gives rise to wondrous sculptures made of ice. Frozen water, compressed over the course of thousands of years in the giant ice sheets of Greenland and Spitsbergen, breaks off at the glacier’s edge and forms unprecedented, unexpected and breathtaking shapes.
The photographer observes, immerses himself, and begins to compose using a combination of perspective, field of view and other classic tricks of the trade. The sometimes distorted, abstract and dream-like images that result are nonetheless authentic documentations of nature.
We invite you and your clients or audience to enjoy an exhibition that presents the uniqueness of nature on high-quality photographic prints.

Starting in the basecamp...


...on a rope...

The latest pictures of the exhibition were created in November 2014, during an expedition on the Greenland ice sheet. The target of the expedition was to enter the caverns of the meltwater steams after all water was frozen in early winter. At temperatures down to minus 40° Celsius, the photographer explored the caves utilizing ice and cave climbing techniques. Down in the blue abyss, totally new perspectives on the ice opened up for him.


...into the heart of the ice.

Stephan Fürnrohr’s interest in photography developed at a young age. At 17, he became a member of the Photographic Society Regensburg e.V. (founded 1894), of which he is now chairman. Furthermore, he is President of the Society of German Nature Photographers (Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen e.V. – GDT), the leading nature photographer association in Europe. His photos have been exhibited in association with many national and international photography competitions.

Common to all his works is that the world is portrayed directly as it appears, without further manipulation or staging. The search for the image behind the image as well as the internalization of perception, the act of seeing, are central of his creative process and together form the Leitbild of Stephan Fürnrohr’s artistic endeavors.

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Vernissage in Regensburg (20.01.2014)

Vernissage in Regensburg (20.01.2014)


The exhibition currently comprises 25 images taken between 2009-2014 in the Arctic, primarily in Greenland. The format is 105cm X 70cm. The photographs can be hung on a wall or ideally displayed on an easel with spot lighting.

The Lightjet-Prints, laminated behind anti-reflective museum glass using the UltraSec® M Process, are exceptionally brilliant and vivid.


During the vernissage, we present an entertaining and exciting 15-minute introduction to the breathtaking Kangia Glacier accompanied by music. A series of aerial photographs taken during four passes of the glacier in a small plane give an impression of the gigantic scale of the Greenland Ice Sheet. This is followed by a contemplative series of images from the world of small ice sculptures.

After the music subsides, the photographer is available to discuss the details of individual photographs and his working methods. Interested photographers can get tips concerning their own photos and partake in a dialogue about the artistic processes underlying the images on display. 

Vier UltraSec® M Prints auf ihren Staffeleien

Vier UltraSec® M Prints auf ihren Staffeleien

Vernissage in Regensburg (20.01.2014)

Vernissage in Regensburg (20.01.2014)

Ausstellung in Regensburg (20.01.2014)

Ausstellung in Regensburg (20.01.2014)


Mittelbayerische Zeitung (print & online), 29.01.2014

"....die besten eis-bilder die ich jemals gesehen habe. auch die präsentation ist absolut super…"

Werner Pokutta, Gast

"...die Ausstellung ist ein Muss!"

Wolfgang Elster, Webmaster DVF Bayern

"Bilder aus der Arktis, beeindruckende Eisskulpturen fotografiert in den Gletschern Grönlands und Spitzbergens. Und vor allem: perfekte Präsentation der Riesenvergrößerungen. In der lichtgedimmten hightec-Umgebung des Bankgebäudes hat jedes Bildwerk – einzeln auf einer Eisenstaffelei stehend – seinen eigenen Halogenspot. Kann man solche Bilder besser präsentieren? Die sehenswerte Ausstellung läuft bis zum 14. Februar."

Maximilan Weinzierl, Fotograf

DVF Bayern (Deutscher Verband für Fotografie)

DVF Bayern (Deutscher Verband für Fotografie)