About me and my photographic work


  • Name: Stephan Fürnrohr

  • Born and raised in Regensburg (Bavaria)

  • Living in Kallmünz, a romantic little village in Bavaria with some reputation as an artists' village

  • Current state: arctic addicted

  • Education: I'm autodidact in every aspect of my work, maybe in my whole life.

  • Profession: self-employed workaholic

  • First Camera: NoName Pocket

  • First SLR: Porst TL (M42)

  • Favourite quote about photography: "Fotografie ist Fantasie gewordene Realität" (Robert Edtmaier) which means something like "Photography is reality which has turned to fantasy"

I take pictures since my early youth, it is my artistic passion, my form of expression. I find my subjects on trips, in nature and in abstract architectural views.

I'm president of the GDT (Society of German Nature Photographers) and chairman of one of the oldest photo clubs in Germany, the Photographic Society of Regensburg e.V. (est. 1894).

I'm member of the Professional Association for Fine Artists (BBK), the Art & Commercial Association Regensburg (Kunst- und Gewerbeverein) and the regional "Artist Group Mosaik". 


(June 13 2019 / 3 min / German language)


I love photography and I love digital imaging*.

But even more, I love authentic photography. Therefore, the images on this site are only slightly digitally adjusted (during the process of the RAW-conversion) to reflect my view of the scenery.
My design elements are eye, light, time and perspective as well as the classical settings of the camera: focus, angle, shutter speed and aperture.
I create my images at the shooting locations, not at the computer.

* I'm practicing digital imaging for more than 20 years and I'm a big fan of stunning composings and good post-production effects - even if it's not my approach to photography.

Digital Connections

Awards & Nominations


  • Trierenberg Super Circuit (Austria): Silver Medal

  • GDT Nature Photographer of the Year 2019 (Germany): 5th Place in category "Landscapes"

  • Ecological Truth 2019 (Serbia, Slovenia & Bulgaria): 2 FIAP Gold Medals, PSA Gold Medal, APB praise, FIAP Honorable Mention, PSA Honorable Mention


  • GDT Nature Photographer of the Year 2018 (Germany): Category Winner, 5th and 8th place in special category "Ährensache", 10th place in category "Plants and Mushrooms"

  • 2018 Drone Awards: Honorable Mention in category “Abstract“

  • MontPhoto 2018 International Nature Photography Contest (Catalonia): Honor award in category "Art in Nature"

  • 3rd place in the yearly ranking of the fotoforum-Award 2018

  • Glanzlichter 2018 (Germany): Category-Highlight in "Nature as Art"

  • VII Salón Internacional Ciutat de la Vila Joiosa (Spain): FIAP Bronze Medal, CEF Honorable Mention, FCLV Diploma

  • International Salom of Photography PHOTO ARTIST 2018 (Switzerland): NCC Gold Medal

  • 5th Lofoten Exhibition (Norway): BOFK Gold Medal Chairman's Choice, 2 PSA Honourable Mentions

  • 10th Finland International Digital Circuit 2018: NFFF Honorable Mention

  • 1. Internationaler Niederrhein Monochrom Fotosalon: FIAP Honorable Mention

  • 6th Olympic Photo Circuit 2018 (Greece): Judges Choice 2


  • Trierenberg Special Themes Circuit (Austria): Gold Medal

  • GDT Nature Photographer of the Year 2017 (Germany): 2nd and 8th Place in category "Nature's Studio"

  • Siena International Photo Awards 2017 (Italy): Honorable Mention & Remarkable Artwork in category "Fragile Ice"

  • Glanzlichter 2017 (Germany): Category-Highlight in "Nature as Art"

  • asferico 2017 • IX International Nature Photography Competition (Italy): highly commended in category "Composition and forms"

  • OASIS International Award of Wildlife and Nature Photography (Italy): Category-Winner "Plants", Honorable mention in category "Landscapes"

  • Golden Turtle '17 (Russia): 2 finalists in category "New technologies in wildlife photo"

  • Ecological Truth 2017 (Serbia, Slovenia & Bulgaria): 2 FIAP gold medals, FSS praise, FZS praise, SALON praise

  • 4th Lofoten Exhibition (Norway): Lofoten Exhibition Gold Medal, Lofoten Exhibition Bronze Medal, FIAP honourable Mention, PSA honourable Mention, BOFK HM Ribbon

  • 9th Finland International Digital Circuit 2017: FIAP Silver medal

  • 64th Singapore International Photography Awards 2017: FIAP Bronze medal

  • 7th Arctic Exhibition of Photographic Art 2017 (Norway): PSA Bronze medal

  • 5th Olympic Photo Circuit 2017 (Greece): GPU Gold Medal, Diploma

  • 2nd 'Genius Reflections' Photographic Exhibition (United Arab Emirates): GPU Silver Medal

  • 4th AC-FOTO German Open circuit 2017: 2 FIAP Honorable Mentions, 1 German Open Honorable Mentions

  • 93. Salón Internacional de Otoño (Spain): FIAP Honorable Mention, CEF Honorable Mention

  • fotoforum 6/2017 Landscapes (Germany): FIAP Honorable Mention for 2nd place in category "At The Water" & Best single author (shared)

  • The 19th Macao International Salon of Photography 2017 (China): FIAP Honorable Mention, PSM Honorable Mention

  • 94th Scottish Salon 2017 (UK): FIAP Honorable Mention

  • German International DVF-Photocup 2017: Honorable Mention

  • Cheltenham International Salon of Photography 2017 (UK): PSA Honourable Mention (Judge's choice)

  • 2nd Nordic International Digital Circuit 2017 (Norway / Denmark / Sweden / Finland): PSA Honorable Mention

  • Khayyam International Exhibition Of Photography 2017 (Iran): Honorable Mention


  • Travel Photographer Of The Year (TPOTY) 2016: 8 x shortlisted, Best Single Image in a Portfolio - LAND, SEA, SKY (Joint Winner), Runner up and Commended in Natural World Portfolio - LAND, SEA, SKY

  • Glanzlichter 2016 (Germany): Category-Highlight in "Black and White"

  • 26. Memorial Maria Luisa Photography Awards (Spain): Honorable Mention

  • 4th Olympic Photo Circuit 2016 (Greece): FIAP Gold Medal, HPSC Bronze Medal, Judges Choice 3

  • 2nd N.E.W. Bi-Continental Photo Circuit 2016 (Greece/United Arab Emirates): GAP Gold Medal, GPU Bronze Medal, Judges Choice

  • 2nd Int. Photographic Art Exhibition - City Soul 2016 (Egypt): FIAP Best Author (overall), FIAP Bronze Medal

  • 13th AC‐FOTO german mega circuit 2016 / 3. my favourite circuit 2016: gmc Medal, 7 gmc Honorable Mentions

  • 2nd International photographic art exhibition - LINES (Egypt): FIAP Honorable Mention, IUP Honorable Mention

  • DVF Bayern, Landesfotoschau: Medal

  • Bristol Salon of Photography 2016 (England): Honourable Mention

  • Kohinoor Digital Circuit 2016 (India): KDC Bronze Medal

  • 8th Finland International Digital Circuit 2016: FIAP Silver Medal, FIAP Honorable Mention

  • Khayyam International Exhibition Of Photography 2016 (Iran): Honorable Mention


  • asferico 2015 • IX International Nature Photography Competition (Italy): Winner of the category "Landscape"

  • Travel Photographer Of The Year (TPOTY) 2015: 3 x shortlisted, runner-up in category "Water"

  • Art Fair Regensburg (Kunstmesse Regensburg) - Audience Award: 2nd place

  • MontPhoto 2015 International Nature Photography Contest (Catalonia): Honor award in category "Landscapes" and Honor award in category "Art in Nature"

  • GDT Nature Photographer of the Year 2015 (Germany): 6th Place in category "Nature's Studio"

  • Glanzlichter 2015 (Germany): Category-Highlight in "Magnificent Wilderness"

  • 7th Finland International Digital Circuit 2015: PSA Silver Medal, AFCC Silver Medal, UPI Honorable Mention

  • 12th AC Photo German Mega Circuit 2015: 2 gmc Medals, FIAP Honorable Mention, 3 gmc Honorable Mentions

  • Global Arctic Awards (Russland): GPU Silver Medal (Choice of organizers)

  • 2nd Lofoten Exhibition of Photographic Art (Norway): PSA Gold Medal & PSA Honourable Mention

  • German International DVF-Photocup 2015: FIAP Silver Medal & DVF Silver Medal

  • 3rd Cheltenham International Salon of Photography 2015 (Great Britain): PSA Gold Medal & RPS Silver Medal

  • 1st Middle East Grand Circuit 2015 (Egypt/Bahrain/Saudi Arabia): FIAP Honorable Mention

  • 7th digital photo award MAN AND NATURE 2015 (Austria): FIAP Gold Medal & VÖAV Bronze Medal (3rd place overall in section "NATURE")

  • Pathshala Miracle Image Salon 2015 (India): FIAP Honorable Mention

  • 3rd Greek Photographic Circuit 2015: UPI Silver Medal

  • PhotoArt Prague (Czech Republic): FIAP Honorable Mention


  • heartbeat of nature 2014: 2 placements among the top 100, 1 placement among the top 10 (6th place overall) - out of more than 12.000 pictures ;-)

  • 2nd PhotoVivo Singapore International Photography Award: PhotoVivo Merit Award

  • 11th AC Photo German Mega Circuit 2014: gmc Medal, FIAP Honorable Mention, gmc Honorable Mention

  • 1st Patshala International Salon 2014 (India): PP Silver Medal

  • 82. German Photo-Championship 2014 / 82. Deutsche Fotomeisterschaft 2014 (DVF): Certificate/Urkunde

  • International photographic art exhibition - LINES (Egypt): RPS Honorable Mention

  • 4th Arctic Exhibition of Photographic Art 2014 (Norway): FIAP Silver Medal

  • 1st Impression 2014 Salon (India): CERTIFICATE OF MERIT

  • German International DVF Photocup: UPI Silver Medal & GIP Honorable Mention

  • 2nd Olympic Photo Circuit 2014 (Greece): Diploma


  • Cairo International Photographic Art Exhibition: UPI Honorable Mention

  • German International DVF Photocup: 4 Honorable Mentions and 23 out of 24 possible acceptances ;-)


  • GDT Nature Photographer of the Year (Germany): 4th place (category: "Landscapes")

  • WhiteWall/DigitalPHOTO-Magazine B/W-Contest: 2nd place

  • 33nd Northern Counties International Salon: PSA Bronze Medal - Third Natur

  • 2nd International Salon of photography “NOVI SAD“: FIAP Honorable Mention

  • 1st MIROC Digital Circuit 2012 (Serbia): Bronze SALON medal (Theme: Mountain Landcape)

  • AC Photo German Mega Circuit 2012: Chairman's Award, 2 PSA Gold Medals, 6 Honorable Mentions

  • DVF Bayern, Landesfotoschau: Medal, Certificate, "Bayerischer Fotomeister 2012" im DVF" ("Bavarian Photo Champion 2012") ;-)

  • 2nd Arctic Exhibition of Photographic Art 2012 (Norway): FIAP Honorable Mention

  • Salón Internacional de Imagen virtual 2012 (Argentina): Jury Mention

  • fotoGEN International Open 2012 (Germany): Honorable Mention, B/W Special Price

  • German DVF Photocup: GIP Medal, FIAP PIN, 3 Honorable Mentions

  • Danish Digital (Denmark): FIAP Ribbon

  • Holland International Image Circuit (Netherlands): FC Oldenzaal Clubprijs

  • Global Arctic Awards (Russland): Finalist / Honorable Mention


  • Sony World Photography Award, Open Category: Shortlisted in "Nature & Wildlife"

  • Fotoforum Award 4/2011 ("Beziehungen", Germany): 1st prize

  • DVC Club Contest "Waldgeschichten" ("Forest Stories", Germany): 1st prize

  • 8th Photolovers International Digital Circuit (India): PSA Honorable Mention

  • 16 Lakes - FOTOSAFARI.HR 2011 (Croatia): FIAP Bronze Medal

  • Österreiche Staatsmeisterschaft für künstlerische Fotografie: VÖAV Diploma (Color Section)

  • Salón Internacional de Imagen virtual 2011 (Argentina): FIAP Ribbon

  • 2011 Southampton international Exhibition (England): Medal & Honorable mention


  • International Exhibition of Artistic Photos "GREEN BALANCE" (Serbia): Honorable mention

  • PAC-Award (India): "Best Cityscape"

  • 25th vintage international photosalon STROM (Slowakia): Honorable mention


  • European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2009 (Germany): "Highly commended"

  • Trierenberg Special Themes Circuit (Austria): Gold Medal

  • 2nd INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC BIENNIALE RIVNE 2009 (Ukraine): ISF Diploma, PSA Bronze Medal, FIAP Honorable Mention

At Work

Bavarian Forest (2008) • © Michael Jagosky

Svalbard (2009) • © Anne Bauer

Helgoland (2008) • © Maik Musall

Egypt (2010) • © Martin Hofer